Canadian Govt Announces New Funding for Housing Refugee Claimants


In a move aimed at addressing the pressing needs of refugee claimants, the Canadian government has recently unveiled a significant allocation of funds towards housing initiatives. With the increasing number of individuals seeking asylum in Canada, the need for adequate housing and support services has become ever more urgent. This new funding signals a commitment to ensuring the well-being and dignity of those who have fled their home countries in search of safety and security. Let’s delve into the details of this announcement and its potential impact on the lives of refugee claimants across the country.

On January 31, 2024, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced new funding of $362.4 million to support housing for asylum claimants.


Minister Miller announced this funding for the Interim Housing Assistance Program (IHAP) as part of the 2023–2024 fiscal year.

Out of this, Quebec alone is set to get $100 million. Previously, Quebec’s Premier François Legault requested $470 million in federal assistance to help deal with the influx of asylum seekers. This is in addition to the $212 million in national funding made available in the summer of 2023 through IHAP.


The IHAP provides cost-sharing financing to provincial and municipal governments to handle unprecedented interim housing pressures caused by an increase in the number of asylum claimants.

This new funding will help provinces and municipalities meet increased demand for shelter space and prevent asylum seekers from becoming homeless. A more detailed analysis of the new funds announced today will be provided in due course.

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2023 Summary of Asylum Claimants processed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)


CBSA-designated ports of entry/inland offices2023 Total
Air Ports of Entry41,350
Land Ports of Entry29,460
Marine Ports of Entry35
All Ports of Entry (Air, Land and Marine)70,845
Inland Offices1,455
Asylum Claimants by port of entry in 2023


2023: Province-Wise Asylum Claimants processed by the CBSA and IRCC


Newfoundland and Labrador50
Prince Edward Island15
Nova Scotia165
New Brunswick150
British Columbia7,695
Northwest Territories
Outside Canada5
Province-Wise Asylum Claimants processed by the CBSA and IRCC in 2023



The recent announcement by the Canadian government regarding increased funding for housing refugee claimants marks a noteworthy development in addressing the ongoing challenges within the asylum process. This financial commitment signifies a commitment to improving the living conditions of individuals navigating the refugee claim system.

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