Best Google adsense alternatives instant approval 2024

Best Alternative To Google Adsense


Are you a blogger looking for a Google AdSense alternatives to monetize your website? great, you are on the right page. Here, we will be looking at some good alternative to google AdSense for blogger. If you want to learn about good adsense alternatives to use then, continue reading to see our list of AdSense alternatives for blogger.


Publishers source for AdSense alternatives for different reasons;

You see, Google adsense account suspension or rejection is one of the biggest reason people tends to look for alternative to adsense. AdSense has a very strict policies, and some publishers may have their accounts suspended or rejected due to policy violations, therefore they look for alternatives so they can continue monetizing their websites.


Also, publishers may look for alternatives because they believe they can make more money by using a different ad network that offers higher payouts or better revenue sharing models.


Some publishers also prefer diversifying their income sources by using multiple ad networks. Using one ad network such as AdSense does not stop a publisher from using other ad network, you can decided to use multiples ad on your website, and this could also be a reason why people look for alternative to increase their revenue.


Lastly, Google  AdSense restricts some countries, and publishers from these countries may look for alternative ad networks that help them to monetize their content.


These and more reasons while publishers tends to look for google adsense alternative to help them monetize your web content.

Nevertheless, for whichever reason you are looking for an adsense alternative, you got you covered, kindly go through our compilation below are make a choice. Let’s dive in.

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Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

Below is our list of Google adsense alternatives with a summary about each ad network. For more details such as, requirements, CPC, CPM CTR, and other basic information you needed to get started, we advice you visit the official platform for details.


1.  Adsterra

This first Ad Network alternative to adsense we will be looking at is Adsterra. Adsterra offers different ad formats to choose from, making it flexible for monetizing your website according to your preferences. Adsterra offers High CPM rates, their algorithms always pick the highest bid among the competing ones.

They have an automated 15NET payouts that you control from your account. You can use their direct Link yo  oetize your social and app traffic, also they have a Referral Program which you can refer other publishers to adsterra and earn


2. is another good ad network for publishers because it offers contextual ads based on your website content. It can help you earn money from your site by displaying relevant ads to your audience, making your website content more engaging and potentially increasing your revenue. It’s similar to Google AdSense and displays ads related to your website content, helping you earn money from your site.


3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates allows publisher to earn commissions by promoting products from Amazon on your website. It’s easy to join, and you can monetize your content effectively by recommending products relevant to your audience. If you promote products on your site and someone buys through your link, you earn commissions, making it easy to profit from product promotions. The earning rate varies, usually starting around 1% and can go up based on the product category. Requirements are straightforward, such as having a functional website with original content and complying with Amazon’s policies.


4. Ezoic

Ezoic can be beneficial for publishers because it optimizes ad placements, which can increase earnings. They use AI to test different ad formats and improve user experience. Earnings can vary, but some publishers report higher rates compared to other networks. There are no specific traffic requirements to join Ezoic, making it accessible for websites of all sizes.. This platform uses smart technology to improve your ad placements and layouts, helping you earn more revenue from ads.


5. PropellerAds

PropellerAds offers various ad types like pop-ups and banners, helping you monetize your website with different ad formats. Using PropellerAds easy approval, and can be a good alternative to AdSense. The earning rate varies based on traffic and niche. Requirements include original content, legal compliance, and a website with decent traffic.

6. Infolinks

It offers ads that blend with your content, making them less intrusive and more user-friendly, while still earning you money. Use Infolinks as a publisher for simple monetization with minimal website space. It offers in-text ads, less intrusive to users. Earning rates vary, but some report moderate income. Requirements are easy, mainly focusing on website quality and original content.


7. BuySellAds

Directly connects you with advertisers who want to buy ad space on your site, making it convenient to monetize your site. Use BuySellAds as a publisher because it connects you directly with advertisers, making it easy to sell ad space on your website. They offer competitive earning rates, and the requirements to join are generally straightforward, including a website with quality content and sufficient traffic.


9. AdThriv

AdThrive is preferred by some publishers because it offers higher earning rates compared to other ad networks. It has strict requirements, such as a minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews, to ensure they work with high-quality websites that can generate substantial revenue. Publishers enjoy personalized support and optimized ads, contributing to better earnings and user experience. If you have a high-traffic website, AdThrive optimizes your ads for better performance and higher earnings.


10. RevenueHits

This network focuses on earning through actions, meaning you get paid when users interact with the ads on your site.
Use RevenueHits as a publisher because it offers diverse ad formats, including pop-ups and banners. It pays through Cost Per Action (CPA), meaning you earn when users take specific actions, like signing up or making a purchase. It has lower traffic requirements, making it suitable for smaller websites. The earning rate depends on your traffic quality and the actions your visitors take on the ads.


11. Sovrn 

Helps you earn money through affiliate marketing, where you get commissions for promoting products or sponsored content. Use Sovrn as a publisher for simple setup and a variety of ad formats. They offer competitive earning rates and have flexible traffic requirements. However, specific earning rates and requirements may vary, so check their website for the latest details.



There are a good number of google adsense alternatives out there, but these are some of the best you can find. Each has it’s own application requirements and revenue rate, we advice you visit any network you wish to try for more details.

If you have give any one a try, or have any other ad network you feel is better, you can share your thoughts with us below.

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